ceratiq (wheat extract) 
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Main Function
Gastrointestinal Microbiome
Colorectal Cancer
Blood Glucose
Intestinal Mucosa
Fatty Liver
Liver Neoplasm
Stomach Ulcer
Intestine (constipation)
Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer's Disease (ad)
Alzheimer’s Disease
Bioactive Compound
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  • Inhibit Dna Synthesis And Rectal Mucosa Cell Proliferation In High-risk Patients

  • Rbti‑induced Apoptosis In H22 Cells Was, At Least In Part, Mediated By A Mitochondrial Pathway Via Caspase‑9

  • Effect On Percentage Of Labelled Cells In The Top Two-fifths Of Crypts

  • Modulating Adipose Tissue Inflammation And The Muscle Pgc-1α/sirt1 Pathway

  • Amelioration Of Gut Microbiota Dysbiosis, Thus Possibly Preventing Cholesterol Increase And Glucose Metabolic Disorder

  • Regulating The Activities Of Hmg-coa Reductase And Cyp7a1

  • Regarding Gut Microbiota Profiles, Extrinsic Wheat Fiber-enriched Food Products Were Not Associated With Substantial Alterations

  • The Observed Antidiabetic Effects Of Cp, C2 And W2 In Vivo Were Shown To Be Related To Their Anti-inflammatory Function

  • Regulating Composition Of Gut Microbiota.

  • Mediated By Microbiota-dependent Mechanisms

  • By Inhibiting Cholesterol Absorption In Liver And Promoting Excretions Of Fecal Lipid And Ba

  • Decreasing Srebp-1c Gene Expression

  • Significantly Reduce Tumour Incidence And Burden

  • Through The Involvement Of Erk/akt-creb-bdnf Pathway And Concomitantly Ameliorating The Tau-related Pathogenesis

  • Suppression Of Matrix Metallopeptidase‐1 (mmp‐1)

  • Regulated The Mrna Expressions Of Genes Responsible For Liver Lipid Metabolism And Ba Homeostasis, Thus Promoting Ba Synthesis And Excretion

  • Up-regulate The Mrna (il-β, Il-6, Il-12 And Tnf-α) And Protein Levels Of Tlr2, Tlr4, Irak4, Traf6, Tak1, P38 Mapk, And Nf-κbp65

  • Reducing Vascular Oxidative Stress, Regulating The Vascular Insulin Signaling Pathway And Restoring Vasodilator Response To Insulin

  • Down-regulated The Expression Levels Of Protein-tyrosine Phosphatase 1b

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