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Main Function
Knee Osteoarthritis
Alzheimer′s Disease (ad)
Lung Cancer
Dry Eye Disease
Interstitial Cystitis/bladder Pain Syndrome (ic/bps)
Colorectal Cancer
Hepatic Steatosis
Adjuvant Arthritis (aar)
Diabetic Nephropathy
Cognitive Impairment
Necrotizing Enterocolitis (nec)
Urinary Tract Infections
Bioactive Compound
Type of Study
Mechanism Keyword
  • Decrease Cell Viability, Change The Structure Of Mitochondria And Induce High Apoptosis Significantly

  • By Inhibiting The Activa_x0002_tion Of Nf-_x0002_b And Stat3

  • Reduce Oxidative Stress Damage, Inhibit Excessive Tau Phosphorylation, Decrease Inflammation

  • Reduce The Production Of Pro-inflammatory Cytokines, C-reactive Protein In Plasma, Phagocytic Activity And The Intracellular Oxidative Burst Of Neutrophils.

  • Strong Potentiation Of Apoptosis With The Consequent Activation Of Caspases 9 And 3

  • Decreased Macrophage Infiltration And The Expression Of Heparanase-1 And Tgf-b.

  • Increased Chat, Sod And Gsh-px Activity, Reduced Ache Activity And Mda Level

  • Down-regulates Mmp-3 Mrna

  • By Altering App Metabolism, Blocking Neuroinflammation, Inhibiting The Production Of Ros And Alleviating Tau Protein Abnormality.

  • Altering Immune Pathways

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