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Blood Circulation
Blood Glucose
Gastrointestinal Microbiome
Colorectal Cancer
Intestinal Mucosa
Women's Monopause
Chronic Gingivitis
Alzheimer’s Disease
Lung Cancer
Breast Cancer
Liver (liver Neoplasms)
Fatty Liver
Liver Neoplasm
Blood Circulation Improvement
Contact Dermatitis
Alzheimer's Disease
Bioactive Compound
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  • Lowered Cox-ii, Inos, Ki-67 Expression, And Increased Apoptotic Index

  • Pea Promoted Cholesterol Removal By Enhancing Fecal Bile Acid And Up-regulation Of The Two Pathways, Lxr/ppar-abca1

  • Anti-oxidative Effects On Serum And Macrophages

  • Increased Fatty Acid Oxidation In Primary Hepatocytes And Antioxidant Gene Expression

  • Anti-amyloidogenic Mechanism

  • Antioxidative And Free Radical Scavenging Actions

  • Antioxidant Activity

  • Macrophage Apoptotic/necrotic Death Plays

  • Antitumorigenic Activity Mediated By Downregulation Of B-catenin And Cyclin D1 Genes, And Enhancement Of Antioxidant Activity Through Increasing Gsh Level And Proapoptotic Properties By Decreasing Bcl-2 Level

  • Correlated With Elevated P-erk Protein Levels

  • Via Lipid Metabolism

  • Through Modulation Of Nf-κb Signaling Pathway

  • Downregulate The Mtor Downstream Pathway Through Reductions In Erk1/2

  • Downregulation Of Hepatic Pro-inflammatory And Pro-fibrotic Gene Expression

  • Ampk-nuclear Factor-erythroid 2 P45-related Factor 2 (nrf2) Pathway

  • Significantly Associated With A Counterbalance Effect In The Expression Of Cd44, Ctnnb1, Cdkn1a, Egfr And Tyms, Suggesting That The Intake Of This Pe Modulated The Impact Of The Protocol On Gene Expression In A Gene- And Tissue-specific Manner

  • Reduced Oxidative Stress And Inflammation In The Vessel Wall Despite Unaltered Systemic Markers Of Inflammation And Increased Lipoprotein Cholesterol

  • Managing Inflammatory Processes

  • Modulated The Inflammatory And The Oxidative Stress Parameters

  • Alleviating Ir And Oxidative Liver Injury

  • Via Down-regulating Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase (mapk) Activation Upon Coagulation Stimulus

  • Reduced The Activation Of Redox-sensitive Genes (elk-1 And P-jun) And Increased Enos Expression (which Was Decreased By Perturbed Shear Stress)

  • Could Induce Apoptosis Of Hepg2 Cells Via The Intrinsic Mitochondrial Pathway Regulation

  • Affect Specific Colon Tissue Mirs

  • Attenuated Nfat Activity In A Reporter Cell Line

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