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Main Function
Blood Glucose
Gastrointestinal Microbiome
Intestinal Mucosa
Colorectal Cancer
Blood Circulation
Atopic Dermatitis
Skin Aging
Alzheimer’s Disease
Immune Responses To Newcastle Disease Vaccine
Alcoholic Fatty Liver
Blood Circulation Improvement
Liver Neoplasm
Lung Cancer
Women's Monopause
Alcoholic Liver Injury
Alzheimer's Disease (ad)
Lung Metastasis
Aging Of Skin
Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Lung Carcinoma
Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (nafld) 
Vestibular/hearing Dysfunction
Liver (liver Neoplasms)
Liver (hepatitis)
Alzheimer's Disease
Essential Hypertension
Cognitive Impairment
Immun-enhancing Activity
Allergic Rhinitis
Bioactive Compound
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  • Improve Immune Responses To Newcastle Disease Vaccine By Showing Higher Hi Titer, Lpt, Iga+ Cells And Intestinal Intraepithelial Lymphocytes (iiels), Increasing Systemic As Well As Gut Mucosal Immunity

  • Ampk Signaling Pathways

  • Enhanced β-cell Proliferation Via Akt/foxo-1/pdx-1 Pathway Activation

  • Inhibition Of β-cell Apoptosis

  • E. Faecalis Drives Ma Production Via The Acot Gene

  • Via Improving Insulin And Glucose Tolerance And Body Weight Gain In Db/db Mice

  • Through Inhibition Of The P53-dependent Path-way And The Mitochondria/caspase Pathway

  • Antiproliferative Effect OnHepatocarcinogenesis By Modulating The Expression Of P53, ATumor Suppressor Gene, And Of Cyclins, Which Are Cell CycleRegulators

  • Pgre Was Found To Induce The Phosphorylation Of Smad2 An Important Transcription Factor In The Production Of Type I Procollagen.

  • Pi3k/akt Signaling Pathway

  • Inducing Cell Cycle Arrest And Apoptosis

  • Reduction In Peripheral Wave Reflection, In Absence Of Change In Arterial Stiffness And Rhi

  • Activating Ampk In The Liver And Affecting Glucose Uptake In Surrounding Tissues Via The Upregulation Of Glut2 And Glut4 Expression

  • Protected Lpl Activity

  • Through The Inhibition Of Acetylcholinesterase Activity And Nf-κb Signaling In The Hippocampus.

  • Via Indirect Immunomodulatory Actions

  • Decrease In Cd1a Expression

  • Enhancing The Monoamine Neurotransmitter Concentration And Bdnf Expression In The Hippocampus

  • Mediated By Pi3k/akt Signaling Pathway Activation

  • Suppressed Jnk Activation, Up-regulated Bcl-xl And Down-regulated Bax, Cytochrome C, Caspase 3, And Cleaved Poly (adp-ribose) Polymerase

  • Nrf2 Pathway

  • Induced The Ct-26 Cells Apoptosis Associated With ΔΨm Collapse, Improvement Of Mdm2/p53 State, And Downregulation Of Trx/trxr Expressions In An Intrinsic Apoptotic Pathway

  • Modulation Of Nitrergic Signalling Cascade

  • Inhibitor Of The P70s6k Signaling Pathway

  • Decreased The Expression Of The Nf-_x0014_b-signaling Pathway

  • Enhance Cellular Immune Function Of Pbmc

  • By Modulating Angiogenesis And Mmp Activity.

  • Inhibited Solar Ultraviolet‐induced Matrix Metalloproteinase‐1 (mmp‐1) Protein Through Activator Protein‐1 (ap‐1), A Major Transcription Factor For Mmp‐1.

  • Ncreased Presence Of Interferon-γ In The Lung, And Also Increased Regulatory T Cells And Il-10

  • F-actin Polymerization And Mapk Signaling Protein Phosphorylation (erk1/2, Jnk And P38α) Were Reduced

  • Inhibiting The Pi3k‑akt Pathway

  • Through Increased Apoa4

  • Prevents Lipid Accumulation And Mitochondrial Oxidative Stress, And Enhances Mitochondrial Biogenesis

  • Up-regulated Wnt/β-catenin And Shh/gli Pathways

  • Involve The Modulation Of Cholinergic Activity

  • Via Inhibition Of Astrocyte Reactivity Regulated By The Jak2/stat3 Signaling Pathway

  • Immunological Activities

  • Related To The Rage/nf-κb Pathway And Its Anti-inflammatory Activity.

  • Activated Osteogenesis And Angiogenesis

  • Modulating Pparγ Protein Expression

  • Smad Activation Pathway

  • By Reducing Ros Levels And Suppressing Mitochondrial Dysfunction And Nf-κb Activation

  • Enhance Anti-crc Effects Through Adjusting The Proportion Of Akkermansia Spp.

  • The Serum Il-4 Level And Eosinophil Counts In The Nasal Smears Were Significantly Decreased

  • Regulating The Expression Of Metastasis-associated Signaling Molecules

  • Regulating Cell Mitosis And Some Intracellular Singling Pathway

  • Interfering With Mapk/ap-1 And Nf-κb Signaling

  • Through Modulation Of Immune Cells

  • Increased The Expression And Secretion Of Col-i, Similar To Mapk Phosphorylation Inhibitors And Reduced Expression And Secretion Of Mmp-1, Mmp-2 And Mmp-9 As Well As The Enzyme Activities Of Mmp-2 And Mmp-9

  • Antithrombotic Effect Of Tge May Be Due To Its Inhibitory Activity On Platelet Aggregation Rather Than On Plasma Coagulation

  • Downregulation Of Mapk Signaling Pathways

  • Restored The Expression Of Embp, Muc5ac, Cd40, And Cd40l

  • Modifying Tslp, Dcs, And At Least In Part, The Th2 Response

  • Stimulate Anti-adipogenic Activities By Suppressing Pparγ, C/ebpα, And Ap2 In 3t3-l1 Cells

  • Inhibition Of Collagen Degradation Rather Than Increased Collagen Synthesis

  • Regulating The Gut Microbiota, And The Reshaped Gut Microbial Ecosystem Then Triggers Several Molecular And Cellular Signaling Pathways

  • Facilitating The Degradation Of Ar Protein

  • Inhibit Tnf-r-induced Surface Expression And Mrna Levels Of The Cell Adhesion Molecules Icam-1 And Vcam-1

  • Pi3k/akt/enos Pathway

  • Inhibiting Hmgb1-triggered Inflammation, Suppressing The Activation Of Mapks And Nf-κb

  • Improve Antitumor And Immunomodulatory Activities By Inhibiting Tumor Growth, Increasing Relative Spleen And Thymus Weight, Serum Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha Level, Spleen Lymphocyte Proliferation, Natural Killer Cell Activity, Phagocytic Function And Nitric Oxide Production Secreted By Macrophage

  • Stimulated Nongenomic Akt-mediated Enos Activation, Enhanced No Production, Improved Vessel Wall Thickening

  • Improve Immune-enhancing By Inhibiting Nitrite Production

  • Through The Regulation Of Macrophage Polarization

  • Reduced Non-hdl-cholesterol Levels And Enhanced Pon2 Antioxidant Activity

  • Modulation Of Neurotransmitters, Including Serotonin In The Brain, And Corticosterone

  • Via Enhancing The Comprehension Of Action-outcome Association And The Utilization Of Cue Information To Guide Behavior

  • Inhibition Of Apoptosis

  • Amex7 Enhanced Anticancer Effects Through The Induction Of G2/m Arrest And Cell Death, Including Apoptosis And Autophagy

  • Improve The Vascular Endothelial Dysfunction In Patients With Hypertension Possibly Through Increasing Synthesis Of Nitric Oxide

  • By Enhancing Acetylcholine Level Via Chat Gene Expression And Neuroprotection

  • By Mediating The Gut-liver Axis In A Tlr4-dependent Manner

  • Promoting Neuron Survival And Accommodating Mmp-9

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